We are a small organization with limited funds, but an abundance of passion, hard work and determination for our beneficiaries and projects. And we'd greatly appreciate your support.

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Fund a beneficiary

Support one of our beneficiaries, by making a monthly contribution.


Boundless is striving to be a self-sustainable NPO. 

For any improvement or growth in our organization we are reliant on private and corporate funding. We are registered to issue Section 18A certificates.

Would you consider a donation or should you need more information,

please contact us? 

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To volunteer requires a willing heart to give of your time and expertise in a specific skill or general tasks. Volunteering with persons with disabilities requires lots of patience, kindness and love.


We are very grateful for any number of hours or days of commitment to assist.

Especially with craft tasks such as crotchet, knitting, beading, embroidery and other. It is a labor of love.

Please get in touch, if you're interested.