The Protective Workplace, founded in 1981, was operated by the local ACCV branch until the end of March 2017.


Since April 2017, the facility has been under management of a Non-Profit Organisation, The Graaff-Reinet Protective Workplace (trading as Boundless), established by the Karoo Community Church.

The Protective Workplace in Graaff-Reinet, South Africa is a Non-Profit Organisation for adults (18 years and older) with physical, psychological or mental disabilities from all race groups, who are unable to access or compete in the open labour market.

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Through various income generating activities we provide the beneficiaries with an opportunity to be gainfully occupied, learn, practice and apply learnt skills. 


The Protective Workplace accommodates beneficiaries from the broader Graaff-Reinet community. All beneficiaries are formally referred by social workers or other medical professionals in the community, who apply their professional experience in each referral.


Life skills complement the technical training for income generating activities. Our Life Skills training currently includes talks, presentations, group work and one-on-one sessions.


We are affiliated to the Association of and for Persons with Disabilities, Eastern Cape (APD EC) as well as the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD).

We provide an environment for people with disabilities where they are valued, encouraged, nurtured and given a sense of hope, dignity

and purpose. 

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We offer services for repairing and renovating old furniture. As well as teaching basic woodwork skills, which enables our beneficiaries to hone their craft and create simple but beautifully handmade items.

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We create a small range of shweshwe homeware products. This strong, bright and bold African printed material is  local to the Eastern Cape and widely used across South Africa.

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We teach basic knitting, beading and

mat weaving to our beneficiaries

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laser cutting

We offer services for customised laser cutting for events, merchandise and various products.

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